Crypto Swatch - Tweet Team

Join the Crypto Swatch Tweet Team


How Does It Work?

  1. DM us on Twitter @cryptoswatches, and tell us you want to be a part of the Tweet Team (include your WAX account in the message)
  2. We’ll send you a bundle of Crypto Swatches to give away on Twitter
  3. Tag us in in your giveaway posts. That’s pretty much it.

What's In It For You?

Running a giveaway on your account is a great way to grow your following and meet amazing people in the NFT space. It’s fun to do, and the recipients’ responses are the best.


Be yourself. Let your voice shine through. You can come up with your own rules, but be chill about it all. This is supposed to be fun. Also, make sure you tag us.

Below you’ll find an example from our St. Patrick’s day drop.

Crypto Swatch - Tweet Team

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